Aba Ali Habib

Equity Trading

Regular/ Ready Market Trading

The investor can trade stocks of all companies listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange. Transactions are settled through NCCPL on (T+2), (T+1), (T+0).

Small & Medium Enterprise Market Trading

Investor can trade in shares of companies listed on JEM Board. This segment is charming for Institutional Buyers (QIBs) and High Net worth Individuals (HNWI).

Odd Lot Market Trading

Investors can trade in securities in lots of less than normal/ regular lots of 500 shares. The minimum number of shares that can be traded is 1. Settlement takes place in T+2 days.

Futures Trading

Futures is a standardized, exchange-traded financial contract between two parties to buy or sell an asset (commodities, bonds, currencies or financial indices) at a future date and time. Characterized by the ability to use leverage, it can be used to hedge or speculate on the price movement of the underlying asset.

Commodity Futures Trading

Commodity brokerage service includes trading opportunities in Gold, Crude Oil, Cotton and forex futures through Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) – online commodity exchange of Pakistan. The Company is registered with PMEX to offer top notch trading facilities to aspiring commodity investors for trading in futures.

Commodity clients can trade via mobile application in 22 hours live market. We have personalized services, daily research and technical reports, regular market updates, and account monitoring system to capture investment opportunities for our clients.

Debt market trading

Fixed income securities include Corporate Debt securities/ bonds and Government Debt securities/ bonds. These bonds are investment products that provide a return in the form of fixed periodic payments as mark-up and the eventual return of principal. Any investor can trade these instrument in Pakistan Stock Exchange with us. The Fixed Income instruments trading includes:

Corporate debt instruments

These include Term Finance Certificates (TFCs), SUKUK Certificates, Registered Bonds, Corporate Bonds etc., and all kinds of debt instruments issued by any Pakistani company or corporation registered in Pakistan.

Government debt instruments

These are debt instruments issued by the Government of Pakistan. These include PIBs, Treasury Bills, National Savings Bonds, and Islamic Ijarah Sukuks.


Our research disciplines include fundamental research, quantitative research, economic research and technical forecasting. Our team of analysts develop tools to increase the likelihood of clients’ success. We believe that research is essential to delivering better outcomes for clients. Excellence in research is the core objective of our sell-side research unit.

Research has been an important part of our proud past performance and will be a key source of our continued growth in the future. Our research products are published encapsulating the scope of various economic changes, company profitability and industry performance.

Financing Services

Margin Financing System

Margin Financing (MF) facility is made available to all Members against net ready market purchases of their clients and proprietary positions. MF can be obtained as per agreed Financier Participation Ratio (FPR). NCCPL provides a system to MF Participants for recording and settlement of MF Transactions.

Margin Trading System

In MTS (Margin Trading System), an investor can buy MTS eligible securities having a part percentage of funds available of the total value of MTS eligible securities bought. An investor may buy a number of MTS eligible securities while having only a fixed percentage of funds available. The remaining amount is financed or leveraged by the Brokerage firm. The percentage of funds required for MTS is defined by the Brokerage firm which shall not be less than 15% of the total value of MTS eligible securities purchased or VAR (Value at Risk).

Securities lending and borrowing

Securities borrowing and lending facility offers clients the opportunity to engage in hedging or arbitrage activities while avoiding failed settlements by allowing clients to borrow securities to cover their short positions. Under this facility, the lender lends the securities to the borrower in consideration of the collateral from the borrower. The borrower is required to return the securities borrowed to the lender upon the lender's demand or within a specified period. This facility provides traders with more liquidity, better risk management and a lower capital outlay.

Last Update: 25-11-2022 (Friday)


KSE100 42,933 0.06%
KSE30 15,823 0.10%
KMI30 72,913 0.03%
ALLSHR 29,051 0.02%
HCAR 168.34
INDU 978
MTL 816
PSMC 169.1
THALL 277.11
PAEL 16.6
BWCL 132.47
CHCC 113.89
DGKC 60.82
FCCL 15.59
KOHC 161
LUCK 514
MLCF 28.65
COLG 2373.99
ICI 741.05
PGF 31.5
ABL 64.99
AKBL 18.78
BAFL 32.65
BAHL 56.39
BOP 5.64
FABL 26.99
HBL 87.8
HMB 36.5
MCB 119.37
MEBL 120
NBP 28.45
SNBL 9.7
UBL 115.31
CSAP 39.85
ISL 59.21
AHCL 35.1
DAWH 91.5
ENGRO 231.2
EFERT 80.5
FFBL 20.2
FFC 102
EFOODS 123.41
MUREB 363.43
NATF 161
GHGL 40.9
AICL 31.6
EFUG 97.5
IGIIL 329.99
JLICL 146.5
JSCL 12.65
CJPL 4.3
OLPL 22.5
BATA 2090
SRVI 326
PSEL 1023.5
SHFA 172
ARM 25.1
MARI 1680.01
OGDC 80.4
POL 412
PPL 67.01
APL 385.99
PSO 170.6
SHEL 128.51
SNGP 33.89
SSGC 10.2
CPPL 119.5
PKGS 396
ABOT 590
FEROZ 257.5
SEARL 104.6
HUBC 64.17
KEL 3.15
KAPCO 30.95
NCPL 14.2
NPL 20.21
SPWL 18.21
DCR 13.93
ATRL 158.9
NRL 233.5
JDWS 444
IBFL 200
HUMNL 6.72
PTC 7.08
TRG 89.6
KTML 53.5
NCL 36.29
NML 70.8
IDYM 220
FML 66.5
PAKT 760
PMPK 565
PIBTL 5.55
PICT 160.3
POML 141.11
BNWM 35.5