Aba Ali Habib

Mr. Abid Ali Habib


Mr. Abid Ali Habib has a vast experience of over 30 years of Pakistani capital market, and currently he is the Chairman of Aba Ali Habib Securities (PVT) Limited. He has been elected as Director of Pakistan Stock Exchange for eight times and Chairman of Trading Affairs Committee, Information Technology Committee, New Product Committee, Company Affairs Committee and Index Committee. He has been director of Central Depository Company and National Clearing Company various times and represented as nominee at various International Forums. He played the central role in conceptualization, planning and design of internet based order routing system and also supervised, implemented, and tested Karachi Automated Trading System. His specialty is corporate development with deep understanding of structured products, Mergers & Acquisitions, hedge fund structures and strategies and their use in the marketplace and he provide solutions for financial service companies, valuation services and marketing/sales functions in Alternative Investment and Capital Markets.

Mr. Muhammad Zahid Ali Habib

(Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Zahid holds an MBA in Finance from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi. Mr. Zahid Ali Habib is currently working as Chief Executive Officer at Aba Ali Habib Securities. He has an extensive experience of over 25 years in the areas of fund management, capital markets, brokerage operations and regulatory affairs. He has had the opportunity to work extensively in various asset classes i.e. equity, fixed income, real estate, commodities and currencies at various local and International Exchanges. He has played a key role in developing Risk Management system at PSX and has served on various PSX committees including Trading and Development; Companies Affairs; Arbitration; New Product Development. He has worked as an Executive Director in Continental Metal & Commodities in DMCC, Dubai and holds years of experience as a former member of Lahore Stock Exchange and National Commodity Exchange. 

Mr. Aba Ali Habib

(Executive Director)

Mr. Aba Ali Habib is an Executive Director on the Board of Aba Ali Habib Securities Private Limited. He is also a member of the Human Resources and Remuneration Committee of Aba Ali Habib Securities Private Limited's board. As a member of the Internal Audit, and Investment Committee, he plays pivotal role in uplifting the operational quality, investment advisory and deciding risk appetite for the house. Mr. Aba Ali Habib has been associated with the Capital Markets for over forty years, and has diversified experience in the field of Equity brokerage. He also provided services of tax consultancy for 30 years as professional tax consultant. He possess the practices and knowledge of tax laws, rule book, corporate laws and concerned regulations to capital market.

Ms. Farida Haji Karim

(Executive Director)

Mrs. Farida Haji Karim is an executive director on the Board of Aba Ali Habib Securities Private Limited. She is member of HR Committee, and have more than 20 years of experience as Executive Director on board of Aba Ali Habib Securities and led Internal Audit team as well. As a member of the Internal Audit, she played a major role in system development, operational quality, procedures identification and recommended new controls in the system. During her tenure, she took part in various Committees constituted by the Board, as Chairman or member. She played different roles in planning and design of operational controls, order routing system and different technologies introduced in the market. She has vast exposure of regulatory framework of SECP, PSX, NCCPL and CDC.

Mr. Muhammad Munir

(Non-Executive Director)

Mr. Muhammad Munir is a qualified CA (Chartered Accountant) from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP), holding the position of non-executive director at Aba Ali Habib Securities (Pvt) Ltd. He possess more than 20 years of experience in Capital Market, Asset Management and Mutual Fund Management. He is professional Chartered Accountant having vast experience of managing/ leading the Finance and Accounts departments in the industry. He served as CFO of Abid Ali Habib Securities from 2010 to 2017 He contributed in investment advisory, investment management, corporate structure development, financial modeling of the company. He possesses expertise in the financial management, corporate advisory and tax management. He hold the position of CEO at Abid Ali Habib Securities Private Limited from 2017 to date.

Mr. Raza Arif

(Non-Executive Director)

Mr. Raza Arif is a CA (Professional Accounting Affiliate) from Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAP) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) from University of Karachi, holding the position of non-executive director at Aba Ali Habib Securities (Pvt) Ltd. He has professional experience of external audit, brokerage compliances and financial advisory. He completed his article ship from Prime Global Chartered Accountants in 2017. Mr. Raza Arif also worked as head of compliance at Aba Ali Habib Securities Private Limited from 2017 to 2019. His expertise includes the fund management, investment strategic decision making and planning, development of policies and procedures to control the process execution. Mr. Raza contributed in implementation of AML regulation compliances of PSX, CDC, NCCPL, and played his role in strategic direction of the company.

Last Update: 25-11-2022 (Friday)


KSE100 42,933 0.06%
KSE30 15,823 0.10%
KMI30 72,913 0.03%
ALLSHR 29,051 0.02%
HCAR 168.34
INDU 978
MTL 816
PSMC 169.1
THALL 277.11
PAEL 16.6
BWCL 132.47
CHCC 113.89
DGKC 60.82
FCCL 15.59
KOHC 161
LUCK 514
MLCF 28.65
COLG 2373.99
ICI 741.05
PGF 31.5
ABL 64.99
AKBL 18.78
BAFL 32.65
BAHL 56.39
BOP 5.64
FABL 26.99
HBL 87.8
HMB 36.5
MCB 119.37
MEBL 120
NBP 28.45
SNBL 9.7
UBL 115.31
CSAP 39.85
ISL 59.21
AHCL 35.1
DAWH 91.5
ENGRO 231.2
EFERT 80.5
FFBL 20.2
FFC 102
EFOODS 123.41
MUREB 363.43
NATF 161
GHGL 40.9
AICL 31.6
EFUG 97.5
IGIIL 329.99
JLICL 146.5
JSCL 12.65
CJPL 4.3
OLPL 22.5
BATA 2090
SRVI 326
PSEL 1023.5
SHFA 172
ARM 25.1
MARI 1680.01
OGDC 80.4
POL 412
PPL 67.01
APL 385.99
PSO 170.6
SHEL 128.51
SNGP 33.89
SSGC 10.2
CPPL 119.5
PKGS 396
ABOT 590
FEROZ 257.5
SEARL 104.6
HUBC 64.17
KEL 3.15
KAPCO 30.95
NCPL 14.2
NPL 20.21
SPWL 18.21
DCR 13.93
ATRL 158.9
NRL 233.5
JDWS 444
IBFL 200
HUMNL 6.72
PTC 7.08
TRG 89.6
KTML 53.5
NCL 36.29
NML 70.8
IDYM 220
FML 66.5
PAKT 760
PMPK 565
PIBTL 5.55
PICT 160.3
POML 141.11
BNWM 35.5